Filippo di Mauro

Professional Experience



AUG 2016 - JUL 2021

National University of Singapore | Singapore

Visiting Professor, Business School

Macro-international economics teaching (Jan-Apr 2019 semester); research on productivity drivers with emphasis on finance; Coordinator of the Productivity Research Network (PRN)


European Central Bank | Frankfurt | Germany

Senior Adviser, DG-Research (2011-2017)

Economic research co-ordination across ECB and EU Central banks. Leading role in research on International economic linkages and competitiveness.

Head of Division, DG-Economics - External Developments Division (2000 - 2010)

The division (about 30 staff) was in charge of analyzing, forecasting and conduct studies on international economic developments affecting the euro area, including i) global economy analysis and forecast, ii) Euro exchange rates medium-term analysis, and (iii) Euro area balance of payments,

Principal Economist, DG-Economics (1998-1999)

APR-AUG 2010

Federal Reserve Board of Governors | Washington D.C. | USA

Visiting Adviser, International Finance Division (on temporary leave from ECB)

In charge of co-ordinating a number of projects of common interest of Fed and ECB in the areas of: 1) US trade and competitiveness; and 2) Modeling international linkages.


Bank of Italy | Tokyo Office

Deputy Chief Representative

At the head of a small team, conducted studies on Asia regional developments.


International Monetary Fund | Washington D.C. | USA

Economist, Central Asia Department

Country-desk economist for Lao PDR and Myanmar. Participated in several IMF program-related missions.


Asian Development Bank | Manila | Philippines

Economist, Programs Department (West)

Country-desk economist for Nepal and Bhutan. Lead several ADB program-related missions in the Central Asia region, most notably on trade and industry restructuring.


Bank of Italy | Rome | Italy

Deputy Division Chief, Research Department, Exchange Rates Division

Monitoring and analysis of trade and competitiveness. Assessment and functioning of the European Monetary System. Studies on commodity price indicators.


International Monetary Fund | Washington D.C. | USA

Technical Assistant to Executive Director

Analysis and comments on IMF policy issues in preparation for Executive Board discussions. Conducted studies on debt crisis indicators.


Bank of Italy | Rome | Italy

Economist, Research Department, Public Finance Division

Monitoring and analysis of fiscal revenues. Studies on fiscal impulse indicators.  

Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet)

Halle Institute for Economic Research - IWH (Halle)


2019 - PRESENT

Senior research fellow

Founder and Chairman

Leading research network among EU Central Banks and major international organization on productivity research